What USAA did for check depositing, Intuit is doing for tax returns! Their $9.99 TurboTax SnapTax app for iPhone lets you snap a picture of your W-2s, which it uses to autofill some of your data, then you answer some questions & click to file your returns. It’s for California residents only with fairly basic tax return needs, but it sure looks to make them as quick & painless as possible.

There’s a demo video if you want to see it in action.

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One Finger Discount currently includes the following personal finance applications for the Mac: Cashculator, Horizon, Chronicle 2, and Moneydance. There’s only one day left and remember that you should click through to aforementioned programs from the One Finger Discount site.

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Like me, you should have received you 2008 W2s sometime around last week and it’s now time to think about gathering all your tax forms together and getting them filed. For the last few years I’ve been using TurboTax to save myself a lot of time & frustration.

I’d suggest buying TurboTax 2008 for Mac & PC as you can use it for everyone in your household, but TurboTax Online is also a great option and is a little less expensive. With the latter, it’s free if you only need to file a 1040EZ!

Of course, if you buy from one of the above links you’ll also help support this site.

Mint has just released a free native application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to browse your Mint account (including account balances, transactions, budgets, etc.) quickly and natively. Nice.

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Geezeo is a free web-based personal finance application that makes it easy to track all your finances, see where all your money is going, set financial goals and learn from others.

Another personal finance site along the lines of Wesabe which not only includes the basic tools offered by Mint, Yodlee MoneyCenter, and Quicken Online, but is integrated with a community for that “positive public pressure” and swapping of tips.

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I never realized that Yodlee, who sells their bank account data roundup services to Mint, actually had their own free online money management software as well.

In addition to the standard personal finance functionality offered by the likes of Quicken Online, Wesabe, and Mint, MoneyCenter’s more advanced features include a BillPay service, financial calendar (when bills are due and such), and a credit card rewards center.

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Last week, Intuit switched their web-based version of Quicken from a subscription service to a completely free service. I’ve used their desktop software for the Mac in the past and I use TurboTax every year, so I’ll have to give it a try.

Of course, I’ve been very happy with Mint over the past year.

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