Fred Wilson, a NYC venture capitalist:

As I look over the business plans and projections that these entrepreneurs share with us, one thing I constantly see is a lack of sophistication in calculating the investor’s return.

He explains the “cash flow method” of calculating a Return on Investment (ROI)… assuming you’re able to project your income. As always, there are some interesting tidbits in the comments.

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A wonderfully arranged 11 minute animation giving an even broader overview of the credit crisis than the FRONTLINE documentary.

Note: He got slammed with a $6K hosting bill over the weekend due to it’s popularity, so buy a shirt to help him pay the bills.

Update: Embedded the entire video from Vimeo instead of the two-parter from YouTube, for your viewing pleasure.

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A nice graphic showing how the money being spent in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be divvied up. For some reason it works a better for me than the bar graphs on front page of

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