Unfortunately, yesterday’s introspection was posted nearly a week late, so I’m not on track for my first goal of posting at least one new article per week. In fact, I think that the goal is a little too weak as it gives me too much time to procrastinate writing.

I’m going to stick with the goal as-is for another couple of weeks, hopefully writing more than one article per week (I’m going to have two this week), but will update it to specify that I’ll post at least three times per week (preferably Monday, Wednesday, Friday) if I don’t see myself sticking too it.

I will, however, take this opportunity to introduce a second goal: post a weekly update of goal progress, my own financial progresses, site news & stats, etc. So, that’ll be at least one new article per week, plus a general update post.

What’s New?

Development of the site itself progresses and I’ve added a few new features, including:

  • Goals – The Goals section itself is a new addition. It gives me (and all of you, if interested) a quick list of my goals and progress on each.
  • Gravatars – You’ll notice that article comments (like those seen here) now have an image next to each author’s name. These images are pulled from the free Gravatar service and so are a picture of your choice based on your email address. If no Gravatar is associated with your email address, you’ll just get the default slotted pig image. More comment styling is pending implementation.
  • Advertising – There are now some 125×125 pixel ads on the left side of the page. I haven’t picked anything really focused towards the content as it’s still in it’s infancy. I also don’t really have enough readers yet to judge what you’d find useful.

On a related note, Slotted Pig was submitted to and is now listed on welovetxp.com, “[A] design gallery dedicated to showcasing sites created using the [Textpattern] content management system.” Welcome to all my fellow Textpattern fans!

Behind the Scenes

In addition to Textpattern, I’m using the following wonderful plug-ins:

There are a small number of admin-side plug-ins that I’ll add in the near future, but I’m running a pretty bare-bones setup at the moment. The public side of the site is intentionally minimalist, so I doubt too many more plug-ins will be used there.

Some Stats

I’m up to four subscribers (not including myself) to the RSS feed. A couple are probably friends or family.

Also, I’ve seen 77 unique visitors from around the world since launch. About 15 were from friends and family and the remainder are mostly from welovetxp.com.

I’m, of course, not earning anything from advertising at the moment and don’t expect to for some time.