My name is Morgan Aldridge and this site is an exploration of personal finance with the hope of passing on the knowledge gained to others, for free.

I’m not a professional financial advisor, by any means. I’m not rich and I’m certainly not in it for the money. I have debt, bills, a job, a car, an apartment, a beautiful girlfriend, two cats and a dog. Most importantly, I have hopes and dreams.

I’ve heard many people say that the key to financial success is to make your money work for you. I want to figure out how to do that. I want to get out of debt. I want to learn how to make intelligent financial decisions. And, I want to pass what I learn on to you.

The Name

Hamm: Where did you get the cool belt, Buzz?
Buzz Lightyear #2: Well, slotted pig, these are standard issue.
Toy Story 2

I always thought that little snippet of conversation was hilarious. While watching Toy Story 2 again recently I had an epiphany, “‘Slotted Pig’ would make a really great name for a financial web site!” And I hope it does.

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